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Lemko Corporation

Lemko Corporation, a privately held premier IP software company, contracted Rosewood Commercial to design and build a new headquarters in Itasca, Illinois. With the extensive design and build experience of Rosewood Commercial’s owner, Mark Dunnett and his team, the existing 28,000SF office space was transformed into a productive and functional workspace for Lemko to showcase its patented communications software.

One of the greatest additions to the new office is a custom designed “think tank” conference room. Rosewood was given the challenging job of designing an executive space for a “think tank”, allowing maximum energies and creativity to abound, yet providing a setting for high level corporate discussions, negotiations and dialogue. This conference space, built right in the middle of the office floor plan, contains highly varnished, cherry stained wood paneling, extensive moldings with matching cabinetry and stone top, and two customized comfortable seating areas within. Also, via connecting hallways are two smaller conference rooms featuring custom-built tables, chairs and accessories.Throughout the remaining footages are extensive office, cubicle and departmental areas featuring private, public and IT technical uses of space.

Rosewood Commercial did a beautiful job customizing the lobby, creating an expanded IT testing laboratory, and “departmentalizing” all areas for the proper uses of office space. A great deal of planning was implemented to prioritize cubicle re-organization, egress pathways and the privatization of “back office” testing and special use areas. Lighting, mechanical airflow and updated data configurations met all requirements for the newly designed office space. Lemko Corporation has just officially opened their new headquarters with big thanks to the team at Rosewood Commercial.

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